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Malay Butcher Was Drunk When Throwing Ofo Bike From 15th Floor Of HDB Flat, Given 9 Weeks Jail

A 47-year-old butcher was sentenced to nine weeks’ jail on Friday (June 30) for throwing a yellow ofo bicycle from the 15th floor of a Housing Development Board (HDB) block at Upper Boon Keng Road last week. Selamat Mohamed Ali…
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Sheng Siong Butcher Uses Same Chopping Board to Cut Pork and Fish

Halal issues are secondary here. The main question is: How can you mix raw pork and raw fish together? That will definitely cause cross-contamination and everyone – regardless Muslim or not – should be complaining before someone dies of food…
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Muslim Butcher Paste Hijab Sticker on Stall to Promote and Support Hijab Awareness

  Dear R1C, I would like to share something wonderful that I found over the weekend. I saw one of my friend shared a photo of a local Muslim butcher stall owner who pasted hijab movement sticker on the stall. The stall…
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