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Muslim Man Faced Fine By Kelantan Religious Authorities For Wearing Shorts (Exposing Knees) To Play Futsal

Wan Khairul Hayyee Wali, 30, said he had no idea that he could not even wear shorts to play futsal. He said he has been wearing shorts to play futsal for many years, ever since he was in school. “Therefore…
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Muar’s ‘Muslims-Only’ Laundromat: Racism, Inciting Division Or Strictly Business Owner’s Rights?

A self-service laundromat in Jalan Junid, Muar, which caters only to Muslim patrons, has sparked controversy on social media. Photographs of the shop’s signboard with the words – “For Muslim customers only. Muslim-friendly. Leave your shoes outside” – placed at…
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Attention: Malay Population In Singapore At Its Peak Due To All Muslims Considered A Malay

It’s getting more and more confusing now. Or is it not? If “people” are saying that religion determines the race then this a development in a way. Let’s do some mathematical analysis. The given arguments are: A Malay is not…
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