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Attention: Malay Population In Singapore At Its Peak Due To All Muslims Considered A Malay

It’s getting more and more confusing now. Or is it not? If “people” are saying that religion determines the race then this a development in a way. Let’s do some mathematical analysis. The given arguments are: A Malay is not…
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Shanmugam Stresses Need To Uphold Racial Equality

The need for Singapore to remain committed to protecting its minorities was stressed by Home Affairs and Law Minister K. Shanmugam yesterday, as anti-Islamic and anti- immigrant sentiments jolt the world and the region grapples with growing polarisation along religious…
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Singapore Doesn’t Lack Space For Population Of 10 Million

“Land scarcity is a very real problem for Singapore, which explains the ever-increasing land costs and property prices which are driven by pent-up demand.” — SGPropertyReviews.com, Jan 11, 2014 Singaporeans have been brought up to accept statements like this as a gospel truth. Many do…
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