Attention: Malay Population In Singapore At Its Peak Due To All Muslims Considered A Malay

It’s getting more and more confusing now. Or is it not?

If “people” are saying that religion determines the race then this a development in a way. Let’s do some mathematical analysis.

The given arguments are:

A Malay is not a Malay only if he/she is a Christian. (lose)

An Indian is a Malay if he/she is a Muslim. (add)

So going by the same argument,

If a Chinese or a Caucasian(others) are Muslims, he/she is a Malay. (add)

Well then let’s revise the national population ratio. Overall there should be more Malays now because technically all Muslims are considered as Malays. And there should be a reduction of in the population of Indians and Chinese now that their Muslims brethren are classified as Malays. So hurray! Our Malay population has grown! #makemalaygreatagain

(What about Indians or Chinese who are Christians? Because generally Indians are Hindus and Chinese are Taoists or Buddhists. Jeng jeng jeng….)



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