SMRT Bus Driver Unaware Of New Relaxed Stroller Policy Yet He Scolded Me

This afternoon (20th April 2017) around 1727hrs at Woodlands Interchange, my wife, our 5 months old daughter and I were stopped by 903 SMRT bus driver when we were about to board the bus. The driver told us to fold the stroller that my daughter was sitting on and carry our baby as he claimed that it is within the LTA law not to board the bus with an opened stroller. But the latest update, as of 2 April, it is no longer prohibited.


I was shocked that the driver wasn’t aware of this. So i told him nicely about it. He insists not to let us board and asked me to go to the Passenger Service to confirm this matter.

The driver began to raise his voice and came down from the bus when I took a picture of the bus plate number (for my reference in case the staff at the Passenger Service ask). He yelled a couple of times “lu bikin orang susah” which means “You’re giving me trouble”. (Padahal dia yang susahkan aku).

We then walked off and went to the Passenger Service to complain about the situation only to be treated coldy. One of the staff there only gave us the pamphlet about the open stroller and told us to show it to any bus driver in case they didnt know about it. I took the pamphlet and told him that i would like to make a complain about the previous bus driver that yelled at us. The staff then reluctantly reached for a feedback form and gave it to us without explaining what we’re supposed to do.

I am so dissapointed with the SMRT staffs service. I hope the management will keep on updating their drivers and staffs with all the new rules. I appreciate our hardworking staffs and drivers but also wish they will serve us better in the future to ensure better comfort to all passengers.


Respectfully yours,
Fadhli Zuhri
(Regular Public Transport User)


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