Malay Woman Seeks Hongbao Help From Gilbert Goh

Hi Gilbert

I heard you are giving $100 Ang bao to people who need it ya.

Well… I do need it as my hubby is the only breadwinner with basic pay of $1380 per month.

We have two boys.. age of 7 yrs old & 8 yrs old.

We can’t afford to pay school bus which cost $58/per person per month.

I will personally send my boys to school everyday by bus.

Every Monday my elder son will start at 9.45am until 6.30pm as my boys are in the afternoon session.

After I send my elder son.. I need to go home to get my 2nd son ready for school. So i must reach the school before 12pm as my 1st son will be out for lunch @12pm.

After that I will go home, cook & wait and at about 6pm I will be out to fetch my boys.

My 2nd son also will have morning session every Friday.

For Monday & Friday I will travel by bus 6 times a day just to fetch my boys to school.

On Tuesday-Thursday I will only travel 4 times a day. I have to make sure that our EZ link has sufficient amount if not we will just walk home with me carrying two school bags.

By the way for your info…my 2nd son is a asthma patient and every 3 months he will have his check up @KKH. His next appointment on April.

We don’t own any flat as we are still waiting for any balance flat.

Right now we stay in a rental flat 1-room 1-hall with my younger brother & his family.

I will send you pictures how our living condition is. Thank you & good night.

Tanti Mohd

Editor’s note: we will transfer our Chinese new year charity angpao of $100 to the needy family – regardless of race, language and religion.


Source: Gilbert Goh

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