Warning: Hidden-Cam Menace On The Prowl In Singapore

The Real Singapore has been alerted to a blog online which is showcasing many illegally taken videos of upskirt shots around Singapore.

The videos featured on the blog also show feeds from spycams in the female changing rooms of malls in Singapore.

In many instances, the victims are young girls.

We would like to remind our readers to be very careful and aware of your surroundings when in public and to check the changing rooms that they use. It seems that even public toilet cublices are not safe as the blog features videos of women using public toilets.

None of the videos bother the censor the face of the victims and they are proudly uploaded online.

The serial up skirt videographer has taken videos on Singapore buses, shopping mall escalators and even stairs along sheltered walkways:

TRS Hidden Cam Expose

TRS Hidden Cam Expose 1

TRS Hidden Cam Expose 2

He has then uploaded them online in a huge collection onto his tumblr blog.

The videos on the blog also show some instances where girls have been video taped in public toilets showing girls peeing and from the background voices it is clear that it took place in Singapore.

The blog is even shared on social media for all to see.

Ladies, please be careful. The police have already been alerted to the blog but we wanted to remind women to be extra careful.

Always be aware of your surroundings when using public toilets and changing rooms and always keep a look out for pinhole cameras or suspicious objects.

Please Note: The name of the blog has purposely been left out of this post. If you do know which blog this is or come across it in future, please do not share the link further with others as this may be illegal and can further distress the victims whose faces are not censored.


Source: www.therealsingapore.com

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