Be Careful Of This PRC Scamming Customers At NTUC


Miss Norsiah has since updated her facebook page to explain that NTUC has confirmed that there is no 30c charge on the exchange of notes to coins but they are unable to do anything against the PRC woman involved.

They explained that their cameras aren’t good enough and they have no audio to verify what happened:

NTUC called………that staff will b closely monitored n observed only…………………….because their camera cannot zoom in & see the $1.70 (new $1 coin, new 50cents coin 20cents coin) & also no voice recorder to record conversation…that staff will b send for conversational english coz she claims she dont understand wat im saying!!!

BUT surprisingly she knows how 2 take my $2 & return me $1.70 when i ask her for coin exchange & surprisingly too, she knows how 2 use NTUC name to say NTUC now charge 4 coins exchange!!! I guess she doesnt know the meaning of “receipt” dats y when i ask her receipt for 30cents (3times) she doesnt know……so sad……….

“receipt” i think the basic she need to know if in sales line….funny…..dont understand receipt but know how to say “FORGET” to return my 30cents……, in conclusion, they will still keep that staff!!

So, NTUC shoppers, take note that as confirmed by NTUC, no 30cents will be charge for coins exchange.

So NTUC shoppers, beware of this desperado, money-faced china-lai woman!!


Dear TRS,

Please be careful about this PRC cheat at NTUC and remind your readers to be vigilant of other, similar scams.

I saw this photo being shared online showing that a woman, apparently a PRC, was trying to scam customers at NTUC.

When one lady approached to change her $2 note for coins so she could get a trolley, the PRC staff at the customer service counter gave her $1.70 and claimed that there was a 30c charge for exchanging.

When the woman came back a short while later asking for a receipt, the PRC woman act blur and then say she ‘forgot’ to give her 30c.

How can NTUC allow such foreign staff with no integrity come here and essentially try and steal money?

Please be careful of such scams. Even though the money might be small, if this type of scam is allowed to happen we are letting our image as a safe and law abiding country go down the drain.


TRS Contributor



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