Zara Apologises To Blind Woman, Fires Security Guard Who Did Not Allow Her Entry With Guide Dog

The distributor of Zara, RSH Limited, has apologised to a blind woman after she was prevented from entering a Zara store and was even hurled vulgarities at by a security guard, and has also fired him.

Counsellor Cassandra Chiu was with a friend who wanted to look at a dress in Zara, so she tried going into the store with her guide dog Esme.

However, the security scolded her and according to the Facebook posting under the name of Esme, “Security used the four-letter word twice on mama, and called her an animal.”

Ms Chiu tried explaining that she needed the help of her guide dog but the security guard “actually got more agitated and aggressive hurling abuses” at her.

Later, “A lady claiming to be the store manager confirmed that guide dogs were not allowed and that they were calling the police.”

Yesterday, RSH apologised to Cassandra.

“We sincerely apologise for the unpleasantness, disappointment and anger caused to Ms Cassandra Chiu, as well as members of the public,” it said in a statement.

RSH also said that guide dogs are welcomed at its stores and that there was an “unintentional misunderstanding regarding courtesy rules at our stores”.

Takashimaya Shopping Centre, where the shop is located, also explained that it is a a guide-dog friendly mall but said that it is up to its tenants to apply the policy accordingly.

However, Ms Chiu explained that she was not upset with being turned away but more shocked at the vulgarities that the security guard was using.



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