My Maid Cooked My Koi!

Dear editor

Just to share a funny incident

We hired a domestic worker from Indonesia recently because we hope she can help us look after our kids and my parents. My wife also needs a little help with housework as she was promoted recently.

Our new helper is polite, diligent and willing to learn. She even has good rapport with our pet dog and take effort to prepare food for it. We guess we are lucky because we have heard tales about maids from hell. She can cook quite well, although not as good as my wife la… but hey, she is willing to learn.

However, on Sunday when I was scrubbing my fish pond, I felt something was amiss about the pond but I was not able to pinpoint what went wrong. I ignored the feeling and went on with my daily routine.

During lunch, I decided to peek at what was cooking – And I saw a weird looking steamed fish in my wok. Then I realised my maid has cooked my Koi fish! I immediately went into my yard and counted the number of Koi fishes. It was short of one!

I asked my maid abouthe Koi fish. She seems a little puzzled. She said it is not uncommon for people in her hometown to eat Koi fishes. Apparantly, she steamed the Koi fish with other dishes for our pet dog.

I have attached the photo of my poor fish. Anyway, we forgave her la. haha. It was quite funny.



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