Respect Singapore: Actions Of #WearWhite Against Pink Dot Sg Is Petty

If you are preparing to be part of the #WearWhite movement today, please consider this.

If you are a Christian, how did you feel when, on your Good Friday, the Dallas-Fort Worth atheist group sent an email to 50 pastors with the words “God is Dead, Have a Good Friday”?

If you are a Muslim, how did you feel when, during your Ramadan, Alvin Tan posted a photo of pork rib soup with the words “Happy Breaking Fast”?

If you are conservative or religious, how would you feel if, during your celebration of your events or festivals, counter-events or processions are organized challenging your beliefs or criticizing your faith?

Standing up for what you believe in is one thing, doing so on the one day out of an entire year that the LGBT choose to gather as a community is another thing altogether. Call it what you will, but it’s really a form of picketing. It’s antagonistic, petty, unnecessary.

Just for one day, let the LGBT be. Be a bigger person than your organizers. Let the LGBT be happy and, if possible, be happy for and celebrate with them. The same way they (and we) are happy when we celebrate your festivals with you.

Congratulations and best of luck, #PinkDotSG. I’m sorry I can’t be there today as I am abroad. But I will wear pink. And I will always support your freedom to love.

#PinkDot2015 #FreedomToLove #WhereLoveLivesSG


Source: Respect Singapore

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