Former WP Member: Pritam Singh A Clown For Suggesting That MINDEF Also Charge For Parking

Another clown from the WP side. Made such comparison without thinking.

By making NSMen to pay for parking space in camps is totally a bad idea. Firstly, most camps do have parking lots reserved for NSMen to park their vehicles during their call-ups. Do Mr Pritam Singh or WP do their call-ups before? Army camps are mostly situated away from any sights of residential or industrial areas. If many NSMen have to park their vehicles hundreds of metres away from the camps, they may jammed up the nearby parking spaces.

Secondly, have he or WP made a comparison of the number of vehicle parked in camps and schools?
In schools, the staffs that parked their vehicles are just a small fraction of estimated 20 vehicles. However in camps provided when thereare call-ups the number of vehicles parked could be more than 50 to 100 vehicles. MOST of the NSMen pooled their vehicles to reach to the camps.

Now more and more clowns are talking points without having considerations to the People. Mr Pritam Singh and WP is now showing that they are just incapable in having “debates” for the People. Next GE, WP Aljunied may fall completely with such clowns voted in.

Mohamed Fazli bin Talip



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