Damanhuri Abas: Dr Tan Cheng Bock Is The Only Choice For All Singaporeans

The President to be that the Malays want whom we know will speak up for us and all Singaporeans. The malay community do not want a Malay exclusive President with no powers.

Stay strong Singapore, God sees what is happening and will one day answer the prayers of the oppressed as He promises and always do.

We place our trust in Him!!!

5000 briyani for the Poor.

I just came back from a charity event.l was the Guest of Honour.
This event to offer food to the needy of all races is organised by Free Food For All and they are driven by a mission which they believe in,that made them give their sacrifice to become non-profit.Such an act is noble and gracious.
Many came to the event to pay a “meal for a meal.”Every packet you buy, another
packet will go to feed a needy.Also many order online which will be delivered to them.
I was impressed by the many volunteers helping out and the logistics involved.
The photos show MP Tin Pei Ling participating also in the event



Source: Damanhuri Abas

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