Help! Mother Of 5 Young Children Faces Massive Financial Obstacles, Determined To Turn Life Around Without Abusive Husband

Please find it in your Heart to help by donating what you can, sharing her story with friends and family, and sharing her fundraiser campaign on your social media.

Anyting you can do will be appreciated even if it is your prayers for the success of this campaign. We thank you for your time in reading this.

As my Friend cope with the very unexpected things that happen in her life right now. She was abused again and again by her husband.

This page is set up as a place to gather encouragement and strength. Upon this tragedy let’s come together and show our support to her and her 5 kids. Senya (My Friend) was not employed after she got married her financial dependence post married made her limp,so limp that she didn’t have the back bone to confront her Satanic Husband. Her Husband have crush her facial bones! he abused her and left her with kids and as well bills to pay.She is on PPO currently since 2014, and her Husband didn’t provide for her and the kids till now. With no food at home. She had piled up of arrears with town council, power supply and home loan. This is going to be a Long, rough road to travel with her 5 kids. She is now failing for a divorced. All her kids age is between 12 and below. As we know school will resume on January. Please help her with her utility bills as the family is using PAYU and sometimes can’t afford to top up they would be in dark. They are in immediate need of financial contributions to help with current expenses.

To those who would like to donate directly to her bank account is under POSB SAVINGS 170-49122-0 and to those whom wish to contact me can do so through my email address [email protected]

My goal is to minimize the financial obstacles they are having right now. We cannot understand the struggle they are having. We need to form a network to help them financially, emotionally and physically and rebuild her so she comes back better than ever. It’s not easy while starting over.  God Bless all of you..



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