Q&A – The Muslim Perspective On Chinese Traditions

# Q&A on CNY (Chinese New Year) Celebration ~ answered by Ustaz Hamzah Jummat

Question 1:

Assalammualaikum Ustaz,

What about these questions?

Can I accept but don’t give gifts e.g. red packets, oranges, presents for other occasions like birthdays or Christmas as well? Or do I have to reject them?

Can I attend (just be present, but not attend the offerings ceremony) my parent’s or relatives’ funeral/cremation if they were to die?

During the wedding, is the tea ceremony to offer tea to the elderly allowed?

I hope your clarifications can help.

Awaiting for your kind respond.

JazakALlahul Khairan Kathiran.

Regards & Salam
Wendy Ong

Answer for Question 1:

Wa’alaykumussalaam wa rahmatuLLaah,

Bismillah walhamdulillah wassolaatu wassalaam ‘alaa Rasulillaah wa aalihi wa ba’d,

1. According to some scholars of Islam, as you may read below, it is permissible to accept. But some others were of the view that it is not permissible, and they all unanimously agreed that it is prohibited to give. Please read below. The reason for their dispute in accepting gifts is to those who permitted, one who accept does not in any way commemorate the occasion, whereas those who disallowed viewed that accepting inevitably means agreeing and contributing to the commemoration of the occasion. Wallaahu a’lam. The best is to avoid and even if one were to accept, it is better to explain, since if one were to just accept without explaining one’s stance in this matter, the giver will continuously gives on the occasion on a yearly basis and it becomes a form of observance of the occasion. Wallahu a’lam

2. Whatever involves rituals and practices or activities related to ways and beliefs not from Islamic teachings, and especially so when they are related to false beliefs against the teachings of Islam. It is obligatory for a true muslim to avoid. The verse in Soorah al-Furqan: 25:72: “And those who do not witness falsehood [al-zoor]…”. Even without doing them and yet to be present when they are being performed is falsehood and a wrong doing. So you are not to be present at the place where they perform the rituals and the procession of the Final Respect and not also the Cremation. But it is permissible for you to be near without having to witness all these. Wallahu a’lam.

3. I do not know of this ceremony if it has any false belief intertwined with it. If it is just a manifestation of filial piety and respect for both parents, it is permissible Inshaa Allaah, wallaahu a’lam.

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