Ummi Abdullah: Suspension Of My Ambeng Cafe May Be Sabotage Job

Salam Semua,

This will be a long post, I been thinking about it and after much contemplating, I feel the need to talk about this because there is something we can learn here.

I guess its no longer a secret after the media decide to publish the news of Ambeng Cafe being suspended because of cockroaches.

Few months back I receive a PM from a man name Raimi Hairil. He told me that his family is down with food poisoning and asked me for a refund and pay the medical bill, since he went to company doc there is no payment from him thus no reciept so I dont know how much must pay him.

As usual Im worried so I still decide to refund and pay his medical bill. So as a procedure I ask for his medical bill even though I dont know how much is it. He sent a few to me. After looking at the bill, I realise the medicine that was given to his daughter is for cough, phelgm and not one medicine for diarhea. As an adult u can cheat doc, but a child cannot.

As I have children, I use to see this medicine.

So I ask for his explanation, and he is unhappy. He say he is going to the authority with this. Me on the other hand think that, I have nothing to be afraid. I am very very clean with my work. And since you are reporting, i cannot do anything about it.

I decide to not pay him, its not much, but its not right. Its against my integrity as a person. Im not going to pay him so that he keep quiet. I won’t do that. Thats not me. I did nothing wrong why must I be afraid.

And so I left him there, without paying him.

After a week, NEA officer come and they say they recieve a feedback. The Officer name Farhanah, go to my kitchen and do her rounds, and she did not find anything in the kitchen.

She proceed to the bar, and pull my ice machine. There she found cockroached. Beside this ice machine, we put carton of can drinks. For this I was given 6 points.

Then she proceed to check my staff, one of them is only 2 weeks old and as he is a malaysian we have to wait for the malay class. Nevertheless, he was caught doing packing. For that I was given 6 points.

With 12 points I was suspended.

So today, the internet is splash with the news of Ambeng Cafe being suspended. And guess what, Mr Raimi Hairil, sent me a pm with a thumbs up. I actually already forgot about him.

How bad can someone be? Do you need to do send me a thumbs up? What benefit you get. This is the business life in Singapore, if people complain about anything officer come and check, and as a big operation they can definately find something. To accept someone complain for food poisoning, you must take stool test and all. So leceh, check first. Wallah they found something.

For 7 years I cook, no food poisoning case. And the coacroach issue it took me 2 hours to clear. And for my staff he already went for the course. Don’t I deserve a warning?

Anyway I ask for the pic of the so call infestation, they do not want to give me. Like I say, if they want to find something they can.

Anyway, this is something i will always face, customers who want to take advantage, officer coming to check, its part of this business that I have chosen, right now I just focus on getting better. With this incident, it just taught me more and my staff and I just get more closer as everyone finally realise how bad things can be id we lapse or not focus.

To Raimi Hairi, I am very proud of my self for not giving in to you. I stand still. I know I can silent you with money. I know I will get into trouble but I have integrity. This case today its not about you, its about coackroach, but you sending me a thumbs up and being sarcastic just show what kind of person you are. You take pleasure in someone misery.

You may not involve in this or are you?, but that thumbs up is not necessary.

Last but not least, people should know that, I am a woman of prinsip. You can kill me if you want but for me to stoop low just to survive .. I won’t…. I rather die.

Thank you to all my supporter family and friends, your kind words make Ummi strong again. May Allah swt bless the good people around me. You all are just too kind to me.

Ummi Abdullah


Source: Dapur Ummi Abdullah

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