Commentary: Don’t Take The Meaning Literally!

You know what I find funny?

Almost everyone assumed and equated the word triumph with violence and hatred. But have they really check or even bother to check the arabic word for that supplication and in what context it is used?

And even more funny all these people who decide that its violent do not even have the slightest background and knowledge in arabic to even know what the word exactly means in its original language source and the context.

Its like an english teacher who do not possess malay language tell a native malay teacher that his or her malay is wrong. LOL.

Even I who have limited arabic knowledge do not dare to assume the arabic words in its translation because the moment you translate a word to another language such as english, it has slightly lost the actual essence of the original meaning.

And thats why we cannot take the meaning literally.

If you want to be a fair judge, then you must know your arabic, and understand islamic context deeply only then you can judge fairly who is wrong and right otherwise the judgement is one-sided and not just. 


Source: Siti Kate

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