Imam Nalla Mohamed Abdul Jameel: Additional Supplication From Text Originating From Indian Village, Not From Quran

Imam Nalla Mohamed Abdul Jameel, an Indian national who is facing police investigations for his remarks that had allegedly insulted Christians and Jews during his Friday sermons at a mosque, on Friday apologised for his “act of indiscretion”, which he acknowledged has no place in Singapore’s multireligious and multicultural society.

Early last month, a police report was lodged against an unnamed imam who had supposedly quoted a verse from the Quran along the lines of “God grant us victory over Jews and Christians”, among other things. His comments were captured in a video and shared online.

In his apology on Friday (March 31), Mr Nalla said he was “filled with great remorse for the inconvenience, tension and trauma that I have caused to this peaceful country”.

His actions were also “not complementary to the ethos and essence of this young yet great nation”, he added.

Mr Nalla noted that he had recited an additional supplication in Arabic, which was taken from an old text that originated from his village in India. It was not an extract from the Quran, he added.

“As a resident here from a foreign land, I should have practised my faith in accordance with, and appropriate to, the social norms and laws of this country. I fully admit that my said actions have no place, wheresoever, in this extremely multi-religious and multi-cultural society,” he said.

Mr Nalla, who said he is “very relieved that the society has remained calm” amid this episode, added that he fully respects Singapore’s laws and appreciates the concerns of Singaporeans. “I am truly sorry that I had offended you, and I must bear full responsibility for my actions, as part of my duty to all Singaporeans and residents,” he said.




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