Takeaway Different, Dine There Different. Ayam Penyet Ria @ Bedok Point Mall

Hi All, i know this is a forum to share good food & places. I just wanted to make you aware of my experience today at Ayam Ria bedok Mall. We packed food for my dad (made me feel worse) as we heard of Ayam Penyet Ria which is apparently famous in our neighbouring country down south.

Charged $8.10, surprised but played it down as it is in a mall. Skali Dad opened n saw this. Rice barely quarter full. Ayam pon normal2 je. I was really shocked n felt cheated. Next time sesape nk try pls mkn kat sana as I saw those eating there portion dia normal.

This happened at bedok Mall. I’m not too sure about other outlets but I just wanted to ensure people are made aware. Thanks. 🙁 feeling cheated at Ayam Penyet Ria @ Bedok Point Mall.



Source: Aliff Bin Ramzan Ali

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