Local Boys Rap To Remind Singaporeans To Stop Abusing Ofo Bikes

By now, it is unusual if we do not hear or read about another ofo bike being abused by Singaporeans who cannot seem to fathom the concept of sharing.

Stomp has compiled countless reports of ofo bikes being damaged, dismantled, painted and kept by users in their own homes.

Ofo is one of three companies offering bicycle sharing services for the public here.

Netizens have slammed the selfish behaviour of these users who are not working to make the concept work with others.

Now, a group of boys have come up with a catchy rap about the ofo bike.

Stomper Fauzi alerted us to the video posted on Twitter.

Although they obviously came up with the fun ditty for laughs, the rap has some good points.

Titled, “Mencari ofo” or Looking for ofo, it starts off with how the boy rapping rides the ofo to school.

He says that the yellow hue of the bike is easy to spot but unfortunately, people like to throw it.

He gets a headache from trying to find an ofo bike because they are being kept at staircase landings and even inside homes instead of at accessible public areas.

He then ends by rapping how he searches for the elusive ofo bikes until the break of dawn.

The rap has garnered over 2,100 retweets and 1,100 likes so far.


Source: www.stomp.com.sg

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