Osman Sulaiman: Why Didn’t Presidential Wannabes Contest Past Presidential Elections?

Halimah Yaacob indicates she may run for President. Second Chance boss Salleh Marican, and Bourbon Offshore Asia Chairman Farid Khan also wants to contest the coming Presidential Election.

The three hopefuls have something in common. They are not Malays. It is ironic that the coming presidential election is reserved for a Malay candidate but so far, no Malays have come forward.

Personally, I would prefer a Malay candidate to only be eligible but have no issue accepting theseĀ three hopefuls to contest.

Im still more concern whether they are able to stand up and execute their roles if elected. This is crucial. We had ineffective Presidents before and it did more harm to the country and people for failing to carry out their duties.

Im still wondering where these hopefuls were during the past open presidential elections? Why only when it is reserved for a Malay candidate do they come forward? Maybe they are self-defeating and have low self esteem to contest in an open-election knowing they will not stand a chance.

If the above is right, then they are not fit to be a leader.


Source: Khan Osman Sulaiman

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