Gilbert Goh: Send Strong Signal To Government, Spoil Your Vote

Once again, we reiterate our call for Singaporeans who are against this racist Presidential Election to spoil their votes.

We believe in a meritocratic election whereby the best most-suitable candidate stands for election and let the people decide who is going to be their next President than letting race gets in the way.

Singaporeans are fed up with our government who tried to lie to the people about taking care of the needs of the minority race by introducing a Reserved PE when in fact the main goal is to deter a unpreferred candidate from standing for the election.

Its a known fact that Dr Tan Cheng Bock will lose in the forthcoming court appeal and Halimah – a Indian-Muslim will be the PAP’s preferred choice candidate.

During last PE, 1.76% of the electorate spoilt their votes amounting to 37,000 voters. A spoilt vote is a legitimate vote of protest and it is not against the law.

The Presidential Election is unlike that of a general election whereby much is at stake. The President has only custodial power and can’t intervene in the governance of the country. His main aim is to safeguard the billions of reserves we have in the country’s coffers.

Its also a known fact that Halimah will win heavily due to her long-standing popularity with decades of strong grassroot experience having helmed the labour movement as the second in command.

Even if all the opposition voters vote otherwise, she will still win heavily as most PAP supporters will root for her.

Why not take this opportunity to unite together and spoil your vote to send a strong signal to the government that we are against this racist PE?

We would rather that the government appoint our future President and do away with any PE as its wasting everybody’s time and the country’s resources.

A strong spoil-vote PE will definitely send the right signal to the government not to meddle anymore with our constitution and stop abusing their power!



Source: Gilbert Goh

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