Childcare Overcharged For Kids Meals, Then Claims It’s International Buffet

Dear A.S.S. Editors,

Parents staying in or near Sengkang/Buankok area will be familiar with this childcare. As a parent, I am here to express my dismay towards the school.

Every year during Singapore National’s day and Children’s day, the childcare will hold a party in the school which requires parents to fork out $22 per child. the amount are being used to cater for Buffet lunch for each child.

I thought it is ridiculous to pay that amount since children eat very little and they need not order adult portion for the kids. I questioned what kind of food did they ordered for the children but no one could tell me. I asked the teacher what kind of buffet are they catering for the children that cost $22 per child because for a parent with 3 children to pay 60+ just to go to school and eat buffet is absurd. I was told that its an international buffet. Seriously, pay 60 over dollar? I my as well take leave and stay at home to take care of the children myself.

Today i happened to pass by the childcare while on my way to work and just so happen, i saw the caterer outside the school. Out of curiosity, i went over to take a look at the food that they send. All the food were packed in see through plastic containers. There were chicken nuggets, fish balls, chicken wings, french fries and beehoon. Not much variety, all the side dishes are finger food and definitely not worth more than $10. I felt unjust and went to the caterer website to check and the highest possible price it could cost after giving the benefit of doubt is only $9.42 after GST. INTERNATIONAL buffet? you mean the caterer’s company name is it?

According to my child, there were no other external party activities that are held in the school. So where did the remaining amount went? Why try to profit from our hard earned money secretly? let us pay whats right or have a potluck party if you want to save cost. I am sure we will be able to contribute the same type of food for a quarter of the price! We parents wouldn’t mind contributing as long as you don’t take us for a fool and chop us like carrots!

I know people will say i can just leave the school if i am unhappy with the way they do things. I will. But now, I just want parents to know the truth and consider thrice before enrolling to this school. below are the list of day light robberies:

school outting/field trips always to free public places: $50+ inc return
school bus and lunch which is a pathetic hot dog bun. Double of what other school charges.

year end concert: costume $64.2 + ticket price per pax $64.2.
total cost for your child to perform with 2 attending parent will be 192+.
you think we going jay chou concert? rip us off to watch our own children perform.

reg fee: $250 non refundable. please think before you enroll as there are parents who withdraw after a few days and were unable to get the whooping sum of $250 back. other school charges around $35 for reg fees.

PVC mattress: the price is enough for you to buy a queen bed. marked up more than 5 x of market rate.

school uniform: around $50 per set

last year, there were parents complaining in the childcare’s Facebook page and so they came up with a package price for the school outing. they also deleted their Facebook page immediately so that parents can never unite and make complains again.

I hope that the director will see this and will come to her sense. Pleasebe transparent with the break down of what your are charging. i can’t believe you call yourself FAITH and quote verses. please restore the faith and don’t ever hold buffet party ever again.

Angry Mom
A.S.S. Contributor


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