Confession: Truth About Galaxy Trio Scam


Credit: Berita Harian SG

Credit: Berita Harian SG

At first when Rilek1Corner published articles on a MLM/Pyramid/Ponzi/GRQ company, I was furious becos I had just joined in and it would affect my prospecting.

True as it is, the prospects started canceling meetings and there were even people who stood me up. I just had a newborn baby and had to leave her for this meeting every night to accompany prospects to view the presentations. I took cabs there. I needed to pay for the trainings that they provided which is just to teach you how to use the website and how to persuade your family, friends and strangers to join in as well which requires you endless of postings and the annoying random tagging Facebook friends (Ya that was taught in the training).

And if you need flyers that only published some Caucasian family with USD notes in it (it was said that the company is branched out into Asia regions and the base is here so why not picture our locals and not some photo ripped off from Google) and name cards, you also need to pay for that. They are all not inclusive in their expensive membership fees. The application forms for your prospects are also DIY and you need to print them on your own. Rich company with cheap ideas.

It was a requirement to have such huge capitals to join. There were small and big boards. Sound like a money game right? That is why some individuals have views that it is similar to gambling which is quite true to me now. You risk thousands of dollars in it and if your board is stuck and no one in your board recruits anyone, you will forever be at the same position you joined in and don’t get any returns at all.



The people who take photos with lots of money make it looks so easy. They are people who already have connections with people who have money. Thus they can create their own network bigger and faster than the ones who do not have connections. Sometimes it is also becos they were from a different MLM company and dragged the others to join in the new ones. It is like a fad. These group of people will keep changing their attentions and try all other platforms in MLM industry to make money out of others’ hard earned money.

This particular MLM company has their members posting that you need not sell anything when their membership is inclusive with “motivational” ebooks written by an author who is a Minister in the United States in the 16th century. They said it is not an MLM company becos it is not like other companies that requires you to sell various products with targets and the uplines profiting in your sales.

How can it be not an Multi-Level Marketing company when they have 4 levels in each board?

And in order for you to get your payout you have to be at the top and it does not matter if the vacant boxes are filled up by you or other members in the board. Once you are at the very top, and the empty boxes are filled, you get your payout.

So aren’t you profiting on other member’s efforts? If it is not pyramid scheme, why is the board in a shape of a pyramid?

A matrix board system is a modified pyramid scheme. They claimed that the company originated from Canada for 26 years but the company registry was done in 2013, also in British Virgin Islands. Contradicting isnt it? When asked where the other members in other parts of the world other than Asia, they will say we can only access the website which is only in our region. Strange isn’t it now? Members also asked who the founder in Canada is. No one has the answers and instead we were told that we are not allowed to acknowledge who the founder is becos afraid that competitor companies will spoil the market. More question marks now.

Till date, no one cld tell any truth about it. When someone tries to speak up, they will threaten you that they file a lawsuit against you for defamation. If it is legal and lawful, why is the company not registered in Singapore itself after so many commotions? They will tell you it is becos SG will tax us and we will receive low payouts. So? If anything happens, you have no one to turn to becos it is not a registered company here.

The thing is with people who are involved in MLM, they will fish you in by sweet talking, be it family members, relatives, friends or just strangers. Telling you that there are no other “good” platforms as such anywhere in the country. When you join, they leave you 100% on your own and expect you to do your work. If you don’t get to recruit anyone, they will accuse you of sleeping or not doing your work. Trust me, it had been dozens of times me going up and down their office to accompany prospects and many turned me down.

Criticisms over the social media on what I was doing. It was a waste of so much money. People joining in with hopes to get rich but in the end losing money. What the pioneers or the successful ones are doing, they just keep going and leave the unlucky ones behind. Telling you it is all rezeki/fate that you dont get your money back. If you give up, they even block you in FB becos they deem you as a negative person.

Seriously? As uplines or pioneers, you should guide and help. Not leave us. Clearly shown how people can be nice to you for money and nasty when they receive your money. Instantly you become an enemy to them. Why show others photos of the same people? How about the unsuccessful ones? They tell you 1k-2k members has gotten their payouts so why is it less than 1% of the “successful” members’ testimonials published in the website?

Learn this as a lesson and DO NOT GET DUPED!!

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Again Rilek1Corner would like to take this opportunity to remind dear readers about get-rich quick schemes (GRQ) and its many guises – MLM, Pyramid, Ponzi, Board, Matrix, Pigeon, etc.

Just like human beings, these GRQs come in many fancy names. But there will always be two constant characteristics: (i) the recruitment of new members, and (ii) you are required to pay some money upfront. This money can be in the form of membership fee, registration fee, or some admin charges. It is just a simple reason for them to take your hard-earned money.

Remember, your hard-earned money is your money. Learn to appreciate. Instead of giving to strangers, might as well spend it on your family and loved ones. Unless you strike a lottery, no one gets rich in an instant.

If people say they are wealth experts, why are they still staying in public housing? Why aren’t they employed as ministers and coming out with policies to help Singaporeans if they are really that great? Why aren’t they being headhunted by banks and other MNCs to help generate money?

Instead they target commoners like you and us.

Please save your money. Keep it for rainy days.

Ramadhan is approaching soon. Let’s not fool our friends, relatives and those poor elderly people who have little savings left to spend during their silver years.

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