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Beware: Renovation Company Cheating Customers Again After Several Years Passed

Dear Friends, If you see this couple running a company please don’t trust and make any payments. Now the company is under this name (Carpentry Interior Works Pte Ltd) but you will never know when they will change the company…
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Commentary: Trend Melancong Bersama Bukan Trend, Tapi Biasa

Saya sebenarnya tidak rase yang hal couple pergi holiday same-same ini boleh dikatakan “trending”. Mungkin sebab dalam zaman saya ini kelakuan seperti ini memang common sangat. ramai kawan-kawan yang pergi melancong bersama, ataupon ajak lagi kawan lain yang couple jugak….
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Uncle And Auntie Engage In Obscene Acts At MacPherson Rooftop Garden

Stomper V spotted a couple engaging in intimate and obscene behaviour at the rooftop garden of MacPherson Residency’s multi-storey carpark. According to her, the incident took place earlier this afternoon (Sep 6) at around 3.30pm. She shared with Stomp two videos that showed…
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