Muslims Were Issued Parking Summons During Friday Prayers

Video taken by  Ewan Sarwani


Earlier today 16/5/2014 @ 1310hrs while going for my friday prayers at sengkang mosque, saw an enforcement officer issuing summons to vehicles parking along the road at sengkang almawaddah mosque.

While advising him to give chance and be tolerant for abt 30mins as those drivers are attending to fridays prayers.

The officer told that he cant as its an offense to park along a zigzag white line but i told him that he too park his motorcycle along the zigzag white line while summoning the vehicle. He replied that he is special and able to park to carry out his duties.. i told him why can’t he parked at nearby carpark and walk to the spot to carry out his duties… y a double standard??

Some confrontations happened between him and some other muslim passerbys…

I wont comment much as not to fuse any racial misunderstandings… but how i wish racial and religions tolerance is at its very best… haiz!!!!

Authored by Ewan Sarwani


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