Foreign Worker Issue Is Beyond Economics And Politics

Many of my Brothers (compatriots) feel the stress of foreign workers in Singapore.

When we discussed this issue at a deeper level, I realize its goes beyond economics and politics.

Its about jobs and emotions.

Its also dilemmatic.

Their beef isnt towards Work Permit holders but S-pass and EP holders.

S-Pass come here with a minimum wage, thereby making them cheaper to employ, very good indeed for SMEs.

Our government deserves credit for imposing quotas. SMEs and MNCs alike must now employ x number of citizens first before they could bring foreigners here.

And indeed, our government has visibly reduce their numbers , especially after 2011 GE.

At an emotional, we see a few of S-Pass holders displaying uncivil acts and forming social clusters.

FEW PRC Chinese blast their lungs in the public transports , Few Hindu Indians try to bring the cast system and Hindi language over and FEW Filipinos do not mix with people other than their own kind.

Yet Singaporeans like me cannot afford to see them go. Why? Who else would remain to rent our HDB flats. And mind you, rental income is one way to offload kids’ burden of providing for his/her aging parents.

EP holders come and reside in uptown. Their men, mostly whites, come and attract both local and foreign women. Just look at any Match-making sites and see how many Japanese ladies here are seeking White men. And black and white women rarely depends on local Singaporean male to hit on them.

It is a stereotypical view that many Asian men hardly hit on any women , a phenomenon i cannot understand and have never experienced. Yes, I do hit on Black and White women boldly. If you a Black or White female, drop me a PM.

Singaporean men feels the pressure of trying to start a family. And when they see all these unfolding their very eyes, they feel disgruntled , which escalates to xenophobic mindsets.

We need to address this at an emotional level, no doubt.


Source: Faisal Maricar

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