3 Things SAF Can Do With The Returned Terrexes

Finally, the PRC government is returning our Terrexes to us. They had so much time with the Terrexes that they probably copied every inch of it and are already manufacturing battalion-sized Terrexes somewhere in China now.

So what do we do with the Terrexes? Here are our suggestions:

  1. Deploy the Terrexes to ferry people in times of another inevitable MRT disruption. More specifically, they could ferry the very old and very young to their next destinations. Have you seen the crunch that people get themselves into when trying to get on the bridging bus services? With the Terrexes, no one will dare get in their way.Disruption 1Disruption 2
  2. Set them up to provide joy-rides at the Istana, at every public holiday open house. The Istana is sprawling. The children will love the adventure.Open House
  3. Display them in the Army Museum. The best way to learn and progress is to learn from mistakes made in history.Army Museum


Any better ideas?




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