Pork Meat Packages Placed in Halal Section at NTUC FairPrice

A Muslim customer was surprised and shocked when he was doing his grocery shopping  NTUC Toa Payoh HDB Hub recently.

Dayak Racun went to the halal meat section to buy beef, but was appalled to find pork meat packages placed in the halal section.

This is what Dayak Racun said on Facebook:

This is what I found… pork mixed with beef @ NTUC Toa Payoh HDB Hub….

When I make a complaint, the lady in charged only apologised to say sorry.

In my opinion, Muis should be responsible for this. I take this very seriously.


This is not the first time sightings of pork meat packages were seen in the Halal section of local supermarkets.

Last month, a reader had informed us that a worker at Sheng Siong Supermarket had use the same chopping board to cut fishes and pork.

The incident was sighted at Sheng Siong Bedok Reservior.

Original info by Dayak Racun




We have sent feedback to both NTUC FairPrice and MUIS.

As usual, MUIS has kept mum and eerily silent. We have not heard from them at all, including previous incidents where we have alerted them and asked for their comments. 

We wonder what they (MUIS) are busy about, or maybe they think public complaints are not important at all?


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